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Shark APEX UpLight Lift-Away DuoClean LZ600 vs LZ601: Which One Should You Buy?

To satisfy the rising demand for vacuums, companies are ramping up manufacturing. People are increasingly interested in purchasing this item to aid in the reduction of task weariness. Furthermore, for the greatest results, they treat not only dirt but also allergens with top standards. Customers have picked Shark, a well-known name in this sector, amongst the trustworthy producers. Its goods are comparable to those of other manufacturers.

As a result, this post will demonstrate it to you by comparing Shark apex uplight review LZ600 versus LZ601. We'll demonstrate the epitome of these goods' features. People will be able to make more precise decisions after this.

With their outstanding quality, these vacuums provide several advantages to consumers. With the advancement of sophisticated tech, Shark installs them so skillfully that the greatest machines are obtained. As a result, you'll have a beautiful home with many of the vacuum's features.

  • Design

The Shark LZ600 vs LZ601 has a great design that is also very tidy. Furthermore, many individuals are pleased with the lightness. They also feature a straightforward stick shape with the pod in the grip. This pod area is tiny, yet it houses a lot of the vacuum's other components. You'll discover a rinsable filter in it, as well as a high-quality HEPA filter. Moreover, with washable filters, HEPA filters, and Anti-Allergen full seals, the filtering system is outstanding. Consequently, these devices can rapidly and effectively manage both dust and air. It is most helpful for allergy sufferers since it aids in the prevention of hazardous substances.

They're right next to the dust collector, which is rather huge for the device's size. An engine is located adjacent to it, which gets the power needed for suction transfer throughout the cleaning operation. The cleaning head design, in particular, is ideal for tiny and knotted spots. You may clean the entire house fast, efficiently, and softly as a result of this.


Customers are impressed with the gleaming and tidy look of the shark apex uplight LZ600 vs LZ601. They also notice the advanced features and mobility of such two products as a result of this. Both are available in a stick shape that may be separated with a Lift-away feature or returned to their original state.

These procedures may be used to clean a variety of surfaces. The advantage is that it’s light, so you don't have to worry about how tough it is to move. It can also stand on its own when necessary, due to foldable wheels. They also have the benefit of a lengthy power cable, which allows for more maneuverability. As a result, the elements work together synergistically to ensure that the cleaning process runs smoothly and efficiently.


The Shark LZ600 and LZ601 both weigh 10.7 lbs and measure 46.19 x 10.44 x 11.38 inches. However, there is a minor capacity difference. The dust cup on the Shark LZ600 contains 0.68 quarts, whereas the dust cup on the Shark LZ601 holds 0.66 quarts.

Regarding performance on both the floor and rug, the Shark apex uplight corded lift away DuoClean LZ600 versus LZ601 doesn’t fail. The Shark LZ600 sports a larger dust cup while Shark LZ601 has gained several positive comments from customers.

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