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Why Should You Buy Shark Apex Uplight Lift-Away Duoclean Vacuum?

House cleaning has become more accessible and gentler with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Famous vacuum cleaner brands are constantly improving and bringing to the market many models with many different purposes. This gives you more options, but you wonder which one is right for your family. Then check out the highly-rated model that we are about to introduce below - the Shark apex uplight lift-away duo clean vacuum cleaner.

Overview of Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum

Shark Apex Vacuum is a model of Shark launched at the end of 2019 and has always been the best-seller in the vacuum cleaner market today.

The product is an Upright vacuum from Shark's Wired Lift-away line. The Shark Apex is a compact (10.6 pounds) machine with a 30 ft long cord and flexible movement that saves time cleaning large areas. In addition, along with the following 5 outstanding features, Shark upright vacuum has satisfied most of its customers.

5 Reasons Why You Should Selec Shark Apex Lift-Away Duoclean Vacuum

Powerful suction

Shark's wired Upright models always ensure strong suction and the Shark Apex uplight is no exception. The machine uses HyperVelocity Suction technology with a 700 watts motor to create solid and stable airflow. So Apex Vacuum can clean all surfaces and all types of debris from wooden floors to high carpets.

Lift-away technology

One of Shark's unique technologies is Lift-away technology that helps to disassemble the trash can and use a handheld vacuum cleaner. With the Shark Apex Lift-away Vacuum, you can detach the bin and add a 4.2-foot hose to reach high places or under furniture. Cleaning the stairs is also more convenient because you do not need to carry the whole machine and ensure the most potent suction.

HEPA filter removes allergens

If you are a person with allergies, then Shark apex uplight duoclean is a great choice. The product has a HEPA filter and an Anti-Allergen System that filters 99.99% of allergens and returns fresh air to your home.

Duoclean technology

Another outstanding feature of the Shark Duoclean Vacuum is the Duo-clean rollers. The feature of this technology is the use of 2 rollers rotating simultaneously to increase cleaning efficiency. The front roller has soft microfiber bristles that gently clean wooden floors without causing scratches. The back roller is made of stiff bristles to help clean debris and hair in carpets.

Self-cleaning brush roll

Cleaning human and pet hair often causes the brush to become stuck and unable to rotate, reducing cleaning performance. Shark Apex Uplight has solved this problem with Zero-M technology. They attached the comb-like part to the tip of the nozzle. This part will flow through the brush roll and remove hair stuck on it when the machine is working.

Pros and cons of Shark Apex vacuum cleaner


  •  Strong suction

  •  Eliminate allergen

  •  Suitable for both wooden floors and carpets

  •  2 in 1 vacuum cleaner

  •  Lightweight

  •  Power cord 30 feet

  •  With LED light

  •  5-year warranty


  •  Small trash can


We have just shared 5 outstanding features and many advantages Shark Apex uplight lift-away duoclean review. This is a harmonious product suitable for the lifestyle of many families. The vacuum cleaner can be used for both wooden floors and carpets, ideal for people with allergies and the whole family with pets. If you still haven't chosen a device for yourself, try this Shark Apex Uplight right away!