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Penalties of getting found out with counterfeit ESA letter - 2022 Guide



It is very important to identify an emotional support animal. This animal is not just a pet but turns out to be a comprehensive necessity for your overall mental health condition. With the majority of people facing isolation, seclusion, and loss as a result of this current covid-19 pandemic, ESAs are more significant than ever before. When you have been accompanied by an emotional support animal that lowers your fears, anxieties, and helps regulate your blood pressure and heartbeat, you start relying on them for emotional support. Now, I should also explain that the right paperwork for ESA includes acquiring the  emotional support animal letter from your therapist that clearly states about your mental health condition and the necessity of your pet animal or ESA to accompany you as a significant part of your treatment.



These ESAs are comforting. When you need it the most, they get to comprehend your mood, can cheer you up and assist you to regulate your nervous system after disturbing events. Their hugs, love, and concern take away the burden of difficult days. I think every individual who faces psychological issues must try the companionship of an emotional support animal to help cope with their situation.


Since the role that any emotional support animal plays is very significant, it is essential that you must acquire and complete appropriate documentation that identifies your ESA as such. In case of having the right documentation for pets, you are not destined to face any issues related to accommodation or other pet regulations that enable you to live to the best of your ability with a mentally supportive animal with you everywhere.


You have to acquire this letter from the therapist who has a license and has authority to issue this paper to you as per your need. ESA letter is a guarantee for your ESA to stay with you and no one is legally able to separate you; even your house owner could not object in case of no pet policy in that area or building.


In the U.S., we have the US housing department, abbreviated as HUD, which deals with laws about housing. As per US Housing Departments' guidelines, you need to acquire the esa letter for housing from your “accredited health care professional”. ESA letters are usually sent by mental health professionals, for instance, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors or social workers.


Besides a requirement for housing by HUD standards, an ESA letter is also necessary for traveling with your ESA by any transportation means including plane. It is now confirmed that the outbreak of deadly Covid-19 started from an animal from China which reached throughout the world because of transportation of goods as well as humans.


Traveling with your ESA in current conditions is difficult and highly not recommended. The U.S. authorities have also restricted entry of animals from those countries who have been considered at higher risk for contracting Covid-19. These animals are also considered more susceptible to get into contact with HIV or SVAN. Therefore, in order to save your ESA from getting into contact with other infected animals or individuals, you should follow precautions. Few tips to do so have been provided here:


Whether you are traveling overseas or in case returning back to America under an official order by authorities, ESA owners must determine the airline's animal policy for their pets such as excess baggage and cargo, before booking their pet. It is significant to find out how much it will cost you to carry your ESA with you while travelling on a flight of that particular airline.


For the transportation of your ESA in the luggage compartment of the aircraft, you ought to make the reservation so that your safe ESA traveling could be ensured and your ESA has the least contact with other people who might be carriers. You must place your ESA in the cage while traveling by airplane so that it could not interact with other animals or humans. Also, you need to make sure you have the pet's medical record and vaccination paperwork with identification because in the current scenario of pandemic, these precautions are necessary.


While flying with your ESA, you should maintain the social distance between you and ESA, and make sure that you do not cover the face of the animal. Few airlines have entirely banned ESAs from travelling, therefore, you need to confirm before taking your ESA to the airport about ESA accommodation and travel policy. You need to ensure following complete protocols set by advisory and disease control departments.


Besides air travel, you need to be careful in road or train transportation during the healthcare crisis faced by the U.S. after the outbreak of Covid-19. In case your ESA is sick, you need to call your veterinarian and avoid making any travel plans with that ESA. If possible, do not bring emotional support animals to places where individuals may be infected with COVID-19, or to institutions where you cannot avoid interacting with individuals who may be infected with COVID-19.


In case of train travel, you must have your ESA identity or ESA letter so that you will not be charged with the suspicion of propagating the spread of coronavirus as few animals have been reported to carry viruses on their fur. You should also conduct covid test for your ESA by asking the veterinarian to examine your animal. 


You need not to go to parks, hospitals, playdates, daycare centers, or schools with your ESA. In case of emergency, you must make sure that your dog stays inside the car so that it does not get into contact with others who might be infected.



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