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Adopt Two ESAs For Backyard - 2022 Guide



Has your ESA Dog recently taken a bath? No? But why? Mainly because you are not able to take him to the groomer due to your tough schedule. Uh oh, that's bad. But why worry if you can take care of your dog and provide him a bath daily at your own home. Sounds good, right? After giving your dog a bath, make sure to take him for a walk outside to make him feel good. But do that only if you have an ESA Letter as the people of your society might not be comfortable with your dog. 



Most of the owners are afraid to give baths to their dogs because they find them very sensitive and think that they might not use an inappropriate way while providing their dog a bath which ultimately results in damaging the dog’s skin, or causing illnesses, or even resulting in many types of infections. Several types of questions arise in the owner's mind when they think of giving a bath to their ESA dog. These questions involve: What type of shampoo should be used? Will this particular type of shampoo cause an eye infection or not? Should I brush my dog before giving him a bath or will it be ok if I do that during bathing? Should warm water or cold water be used while providing my ESA dog a bath? 


However, bathing your ESA dog is not that difficult; it just requires practice. Yes, it is true that emotional support animals especially dogs and cats are quite sensitive but still by following certain steps a dog can very easily be provided a bath. Taking your dog to a groomer is not a bad choice but taking it to the groomer might require fulfilling some of the requirements. For instance, most of the groomers allow services to the ESA animals only if the owner has an emotional support animal letter. Moreover, some of the owners find it very difficult to take their dogs to the groomer for bathing because of their tight work schedule or routine. 


Let's not drag the discussion further and move directly towards the bathing guide for your ESA dog.


Steps for Bathing your ESA Dog


Mentioned below are some of the steps that make a complete guide for bathing a dog:


The very important step before starting the bathing procedure is the determination of the coat type of the ESA dog. This determination of coat type helps in choosing a particular type of shampoo as well as conditioner that would suit your dog’s coat or skin. This step helps in preventing various types of allergic reactions that might be caused by the type of shampoo or conditioner used. The different types of shampoos and conditioners for dogs or animals are made on the basis of the type of coat of different dogs or animals. Therefore, it is very necessary for the owner to identify what is the type of coat of his ESA dog so that he can use the appropriate type of shampoo or conditioner while bathing. 


Cleansing products are not generally preferred for young dogs. To provide a pleasant ritual to the dog, the water should be lukewarm. One prime reason behind this is that dogs are very sensitive to heat and therefore, they should not be bathed using very hot water. The body temperature of dogs is very different from that of humans, so the temperature of the water used to bathe them should be appropriately warm or cold. 


First, spray your dog with lukewarm water, and then use a shampoo to clean your dog's fur. A brush is generally preferred during this step as it helps remove all the dirt from the dog's fur. But it should be made sure that the brush is used gently. In addition to that, a brush with smooth bristles should be preferred especially for small dogs. Try not to scrub; instead, use your hands to properly provide the cleansing action.


The shampoo is allergic to eyes so it should be made sure that the shampoo foam does not get into the eyes of your ESA dog. In addition to eyes, the foam should also not get into the nose and ears of the dog as it can also show allergic reactions. 


After cleaning, the shampoo should be rinsed with water. Keep cleaning with water until all the shampoo or conditioner is rinsed away. After cleaning with shampoo, a conditioner should preferably be used to provide smoothness to your ESA dog’s coat and hairs. Rinse again with water after applying the conditioner. 


Now is the time to blow-dry. Blow-drying is very necessary as most of the dogs get ill if they are left wet, especially in winters. The blow-dry should also be carried out at a normal or low speed as it is previously mentioned that most of the dogs are sensitive to heat. 


All these previously performed steps should be carried out gently as the dogs are very sensitive, especially the younger ones. Experts show that ESA dogs should be treated in the same way a mother treats her infant. This shows that ESA dogs are very sensitive. 


Mentioned above is a complete guide for bathing your ESA dog. You can bath your ESA dog anywhere in your house but if you shift your houses with time, then make sure to have an esa letter for housing so that the policies of that society allow you to keep your dog at your house or apartment. 


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