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What Color Carpet Goes with Beige Walls

painted your wall beige, perhaps you are lost on which color carpet to go for. While beige is an ideal neutral wall color for bringing out the best of interior space, deciding which carpet color to choose for it can be challenging since you are faced with different color options.

It is not unusual for homeowners to be confused about what carpet color to match with their beige walls. This piece provides you with tips for choosing the best carpet color for your beige-painted walls and options to consider.

What Are Some Important Things to Consider Before Choosing Carpet Colors for a Room with Beige Walls?

  1. Existing Design: if you have already designed your room, you should be more careful about the carpet color you choose for the room, as you don’t want to choose a color that contradicts the existing design or even furniture.

  2. Traffic: how much traffic you have in the room should also be a consideration when choosing carpet color for your beige walls. Darker colors are a great choice for rooms with higher traffic since they are best at hiding dirt.

  3. Natural Light: rooms with enough natural light demand lighter carpet colors. Lighter colors appear the best under natural light, while darker colors maintain their looks with low natural light.

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What Color Carpet Goes With Beige Walls? [6 Options Reviewed]

Whether you've decided to repaint the interior of your home or shake up the color of your carpet, you are now wondering what carpet colors look best with beige walls. The good news is (and there is only good news!) is that we have already found several ideal color options to coordinate carpet with beige walls.

Ultimately, any decorating decisions for your home are entirely up to you. Still, these terrific color options that go well with beige walls will get you started down the road toward design-level decor:

  • Turquoise

  • Navy Blue

  • Orange

  • Cream

  • Red (various shades)

  • Green (various shades)

Keep reading to see five excellent examples of pairing these carpet colors and patterns with beige walls. We'll also discuss whether carpeting versus rugs (or both!) are best for beige rooms, and whether to coordinate lighter or darker colors with beige walls. Beige walls can be a little tricky, but we've done all the research to make sure you have the confidence to decorate your home right!

Carpeting VS Rugs; Which Is Best For Beige Walls?

When it comes to matching carpeting to beige walls, keep in mind that your options aren't limited to the carpet installed onto your floor. The cost of having a contractor rip up carpeting to install a brand new color not only seems daunting, but it may not be in your budget when the urge to redecorate strikes. If this is the case for you, don't forget that rugs are also an option.

Rugs can offer an affordable, customizable, and colorful way to complement beige walls. With variations in shape, pattern, and size, rugs are not only cheaper but easy to replace without a long term commitment. Plus, use multiple rugs for added flair instead of relying solely on the carpeting. For example, you probably wouldn't install navy blue carpeting, but either a navy blue throw rug or maybe a cranberry color, placed over a tan or light cream-colored carpet, looks fantastic with your beige walls.

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Accentuate Beige Walls With Colorful Carpeting 

Beige walls age well, and it's a classic color that has remained in use over decades. This wall color, however, has drawbacks. Beige can appear dingy, so having a well-put-together room with an exact design scheme is essential. Beige also makes an otherwise bright room feel darker, which should be kept in mind when considering carpeting and rugs. 

Earthy tones and bright colored carpets and rugs will do well with your beige walls, so don't be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and try new, bolder things!

1. Wood Floor, Woven Beige Rug

Above, a prime example of how to have beige on your floor, as well as your walls without making the room seem small or drab. The wood floor gives the room personality, yet the textured beige rug adds to it, rather than takes away. The use of texture with the rug is ideal here for contrasting the smooth wood flooring while blending the walls with the floor.

2. Dark Wood Floor, White And Beige Rug

Beige walls look great with earthy tones, and natural wood floors are an attractive choice. Rugs can soften the look of a solid wood floor. This white and beige rug draws the beige tones from the walls and ties the room together. Contrasting white on the darker wood on the floor and the simple pattern makes this a complementary combination for walls, as well as the accompanying decor and furniture.

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